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Put a Crypto Tech Advocate in Congress

Elect the Future with Agatha

Agatha Bacelar, a Stanford engineer and designer who has worked with Emerson Collective and Democracy Earth, is running for Congress. Her primary election is on March 3rd, 2020. When only 3% of Representatives in the House have a STEM background, we all suffer from its stunning lack of comprehension of crypto and its global relevance. Your support will help elect someone who understands the importance of this breakthrough technology, and that the U.S. cannot be left behind.

Agatha is running against Nancy Pelosi because it’s clear that the political establishment wants to hold back a future where economic freedom is afforded to all. We need a future where we are able to use the incredible people-power of blockchain technologies to build a better, more just, and innovative society. The crypto trading apps are becoming more important for investors and business owners. There are trading apps that help you add more and more cryptocurrency everyday to your wallet. These apps help you trade on the go whether you use your mobile or tablet. Check the blog at that gives you a comprehensive comparison of trading apps in the crypto market. It also gives the software test results and related information.

Speak your voice by supporting Agatha in raising cryptocurrency from 350 unique donors. That’s equal to the amount raised by the previous “crypto-congressman!”

WhAT’s at stake?

The once-bright future for crypto in America has been dimming. San Francisco, once a headquarters for the crypto industry, has suffered as federal intervention pushed innovators out of our district and the country. Blockchain startups no longer incorporate in the U.S., while regulatory inaction and policies favoring big tech companies have allowed monopolies to block out competition that the next web would bring.

Agatha understands that crypto is about building alternatives that do not exploit users and creating an ecosystem of innovation that better serves the American people. Understanding the importance of adapting cryptocurrency will allow you to reap the various benefits that cryptocurrency offers. With cryptocurrency, execution of instant transactions across borders with minimum fees have now become a reality. Also, a bitcoin robot can facilitate crypto trading in a secure manner. These robots have been created based on the algorithm that calculates how the price of bitcoin is volatile. She is going to Congress to bring informed, practical, and future-savvy tech regulation to the forefront of the picture in Washington. We need her in Congress creating a viable future for cryptocurrencies and bringing the American crypto industry back home.

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