Green New Deal

Protecting the environment to stop or slow climate change has to be talked about like the personal, local emergency it is for every citizen in San Francisco, the state, our country, and the world.

Single-Payer Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right that the American people deserve. Agatha will fight for Medicare-for-all, a single payer healthcare system for everyone.

Criminal Justice

We have gone too far with the prison-industrial-complex which perpetuates racial and economic injustice. We need to make the system smaller, less punitive, and more oriented around metrics of successful rehabilitation.

Improving Education

As a product of the public school system, Agatha is a strong believer that education is the great equalizer and that educating all people no matter their race, zip code, or ability to pay, is a pillar of a strong democracy.

Immigrant Justice

Agatha believes there is an urgent need for immigration reform that provides a clear path towards citizenship for all undocumented immigrants, reduces the green card backlog, and stops the inhumane practices of family separation and for-profit immigrant detention.

Strengthening Democracy

This campaign is about strengthening our democracy by getting big money out of politics, starting with grassroots fundraising and no donations from corporate PACs, and upgrading our political system to be more responsive to and representative of everyday Americans.