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Agatha believes there is an urgent need for immigration reform that provides a clear path towards citizenship for all undocumented immigrants, reduces the green card backlog, and stops the inhumane practices of family separation and for-profit immigrant detention.

Immigration forms the backbone of the United States. About 283,000 immigrants live in San Francisco1, accounting for 35% of the population. We must welcome refugees and immigrants of all kinds, while also addressing the root causes of migration from Central America through regional investments that tackle violence and economic instability. We must also reform our immigration courts to create a right to counsel and ensure we have enough immigration lawyers and judges to meet demand.

Immigrant detention is by far the most profitable sector of the private prison business. Each year more than 300,000 people are put into immigration detention centers2, with three-fourths incarcerated by privately run for-profit companies such as CoreCivic and the GEO Group that earn millions in long-term ICE contracts.

As an immigrant herself, Agatha will fight for immediate immigration reform because it is time we treat immigrants with the dignity and praise they deserve.


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