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Every American over the age of 16 should receive a universal basic income of ~$1,000/month. This will fuel our economy and alleviate poverty in the fastest and most dignified way.

85% of our brains develop before we turn five years old. Experiencing Adverse Childhood Effects (like an absent parent, food insecurity, or exposure to drugs and violence) during this sensitive period can have devastating long-term consequences. This ends up costing all of us. In order to nurture a thriving society, children and their parents need to grow up in a stable environment. Unfortunately, most families today are dealing with toxic amounts of stress in order to survive. A basic income ensures that families not only have their basic needs met, but have healthier relationships, higher cognitive ability, and more resilient mental and physical health for years to come.

Universal Basic Income is good for society, regardless of your political party or economic class. How can we pay for UBI is the same question as, who is paying for commercial loans? UBI is already paid for in the investments made by generations. In the same way money is created through commercial loans for a trickle-down economy, money can be created through UBI grants for a trickle-up economy where demand is signaled from the bottom, traveling up to the suppliers of goods and services. UBI is a solution for more than poverty. It’s about dignity and building a society where everyone contributes equally because everyone can contribute. Over time, UBI will greatly reduce the need for social services and philanthropy.

Read and watch Agatha’s full speech at the Universal Basic Income March in San Francisco.