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Volunteer Opportunities


Join us in making change happen in San Francisco, and beyond!

Together, we’ll raise awareness of issues that affect all of us, connect with new supporters, and expand the network to ensure these issues get the focus they badly need in 2020. Thank you for your passion, and joining our campaign in the fight for progress!


Sunday, Sep 21

Highest priority

11am – 4pm: Sunday Streets Western Addition. RSVP

Monday, Sep 23

6:30pm – 8pm: A Conversation with President Obama’s Campaign Manager David Plouffe.
Attend while wearing an Agatha for Congress t-shirt. Manny’s.


Tuesday, Sep 24

6pm – 8pm: Women of Color Who Lead (United Democratic Club). RSVP

Wednesday, Sep 25

8pm – 8pm: TBD: volunteer event. RSVP

Thursday, Sep 26

6:30pm – 8pm: Inside the Koch Empire. RSVP

Friday, Sep 27

12pm – 4pm: Agatha will be speaking on a panle at Manny’s. RSVP

More opportunities

All of this is copied content and needs to be updated. Interested in hosting a campaign house party for us? Eager to put up a Agatha window sign and show the neighbors? Sign up below!

Host a House Party

Order a poster or T-shirt

Not a San Francisco resident? No problem! Every Sunday at 6 PM PT we’ll be welcoming both local and remote volunteers in a weekly Zoom video conference training call that will bring everyone up to speed as well as outline the various options for how to get involved. It’s also a great time for ongoing remote volunteers to check in and feel connected.

RSVP for our training call

Even if you can’t join our Sunday volunteer training call, that’s okay! Just sign up below for any of the remote volunteer opportunities you’d like to help us with from the comfort of your own home.

Data entry

Social media

Online research

Graphic design